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Tag Marking Machines for Industrial Marking Applications

Some may be under the impression that most tag marking machines are just able to mark alpha numeric text on the metal plate or indicate; however, there are many categories of machines that have the ability to produce logos, images and machine readable bar codes for a metal plate or tag, mainly for part marking and product traceability intentions.

The MDM 1000/2000 DM is a tag marking machine can be a dot matrix machine that can mark letters, numbers, together with images, along with a second data matrix bar code on a metal plate or licence plate. The main benefit of marking a metal tag using a 2D data matrix bar code is always to identify a part or a product with more extensive information than a standard bar code can take and for capturing the data electronically. Industries that help electronic tracking and traceability systems require a solution that will build a permanent mark on a metal plate or tag capable to hold the information linked to that specific part, accessories, product, etc.

This machine is automatic and may run off of a database or information can be entered manually. It contains a hopper (up to help 250 plates) which often holds the plates together with feeds them onto a little platform where the plate is secured and also the marking takes place. Once the information is marked in the plate, it is then moved to your right and either stacked in the output hopper, or ejected out the side eject area.

This machine is totally different from our other machines in it’s not an embosser as a result of definition; it is actually more much like a laser engraver. It marks metal plates utilizing a sequence of tiny raised dots, as opposed to embossed alpha numeric characters, and therefore has the ability to mark virtually anything you want, including a 2d info matrix bar code, letters, numbers, symbols, logos, together with graphics. It has been coined the affordable method to laser engraving because it achieves similar results but is noticeably less costly to acquire and.

There are many types of marking metal plates and tags for product identification and traceability. It really will depend on what you are marking, where you are marking (directly on product or part, or on the tag affixed to product or part), what environment it’s going to be in, and what type with tracking device or method you mean to use that will determine the type of marking machine that is the most suitable for you.




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