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Wooden Bi Folding Doors

Many people are choosing to boost their homes or business properties by installing some sort of bi-folding door. These doors include of glazing panels set in hinged frames that can span large entrance options. The frames can be made from different materials, but one of the most attractive and versatile materials used is timber. Wood has a natural and traditional appearance that’s highly desirable and well suited for most properties. Some people wary of wooden outdoor products, such as windows or doors, due to your many problems associated using wood. Some of these kind of problems are shrinking and expanding, warping and ageing, each which lead to help problems in functionality and in the end the demise of your window or door.

These problems are no longer a great issue in top quality bi-folding doors, due to dealing the wood. Firstly, this wood is laminated. This can be a process where the wood is split into several parts and then placed back with the grains in different directions and glued under high pressure. Because wood tends to help warp and twist while using the grain, this process stabilises and reduces the chances of the wood changing shape during seasonal heat modifications. Once the laminating process is complete, the wood is dropped into special treatments which avoid the wood from rotting or growing mould. The result is a stable, strong and drenched resistant frame. The build up of condensation is prevented by giving the frame a mineral water trap and outlet, further reducing the odds of damp-related issues.

Different types of timber enables you to make a folding door. Choosing between them will depend on your preference or the existing wooden windows and doors in your property, we. e. if you already have got oak windows, it would look much more uniform to also decide on an oak bifold door over a pine bifold door. The selection offered by most folding door companies includes softwoods and hard woods, generally a number like pine, meranti together with oak.

Wooden folding doors can be supplied with a range of different finishes, including an unfinished door. This is good if you happen to already have a paint or stain you want to apply (again, to suit other windows or doors). Otherwise, you can choose between a stain and factory-sprayed paint finish. Although there are only a few different stains to decide on, they are preferable because of their translucent quality. They protect the lumber and enhance or add to the colour, while allowing the natural grain to show through. Factory-sprayed paint finishes are, as the name suggests, paints applied by a factory spray. These change from brush applied paint since it creates a more even finish without visible sweep strokes. On top about this, each coat of factory-sprayed paint is very similar to 15 brush coats. The result is a very long-lasting and low maintenance finish that protects the wooden shape. There are hundreds with different paint colours available, so it is straightforward to get exactly what you are looking.

The wood frames are highly energy-efficient, with the greatest energy rating of A. Coupled with the right double glazing, the wooden bifold doors may help to reduce energy bills.




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