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Elements Influencing Direct Element Marking Techniques

The Office of Protection has authorized two varieties UID marking of the items- immediate part marking and program of UID labels. Immediate part marking entails marking the product with a globally unique identification on the product itself. It is the method of marking a component with barcode symbols to allow tracking of the portion or item for their full lifestyle cycle. When it comes to everlasting marking of the things, the DoD specifies that the UID marking of the product really should be long lasting for the practical existence time of the product which might fluctuate from numerous months to many several years.

Generally, sectors this kind of as aerospace, car and electronic manufacturers desire DPM for reputable identification of the parts and things. As the DoD calls for physical mark of UID on the tangible assets, the DPM (immediate element marking) assures security and warranty alongside with satisfying the regulatory specifications. The 2D knowledge matrix code is the most favored bar code form for the barcode symbols that are utilized for the DPM of the objects. However, some organizations desire QR Code in accordance to their requirement. The UID marking strategy allows conduite and tracking of the products ranging in their value and dimensions.

The several marking methods of direct part marking are Abrasive blasting, adhesive dispensing, Forged, forge or mould, Dot peen, Electro-chemical etching, Embroidery, Engraving/milling, Laser marking, LaserShot peeing, Lique steel jet, Stencil. There are other marking techniques this kind of as embossing, vibro-etch and handbook metal stamp, but they are not for applying device readable micro-dimension symbols.

How the Direct Element Marking Approaches are Picked for the Items

There are amount of diverse factors basing on which it is made the decision no matter whether DPM is suited for the particular product.

Function of the Areas

For the components that are utilised for security vital applications these kinds of as higher stress technique, or aircraft engine, the non-intrusive marking methods are used.

Geometry of the Element or the Product

The DPM is tough if the shape of the product or the part is not practical for the marking. It is difficult to etch the info matrix code on a curved surface.

Surface type

The DPM is hard when the texture of the element surface is highly polished. The marking needs decreasing the glare of the surface area just before marking.

Dimensions of the Element

Though size of the elements is not a really crucial factor for employing 2D information matrix code, the measurements of the texts are adjusted according to the readily available place.

Daily life Span of the Products and their Working Atmosphere

Whilst choosing the method of immediate part marking, it is crucial to consider the purposeful life span of the products and the atmosphere in which the items are employed. It is important that the marking really should be long term.

Thickness of the Surface area

It is essential to contemplate the thickness of the surface area as there are chances of deformation of the component if the intrusive marking strategies are utilized. The marking depth in most of the techniques should not exceed one/10 of the thickness of the element.




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