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More Commonly Used Commercial Printing Terms

If you want your commercial printing knowledge to travel from the layman period to not-quite-an-expert-yet stage, you have to bulk up on printing vocabulary. There are perhaps thousands of different words commonly made use of regarding this subject.

Because you cannot be expected to learn them all, it is better you’ve got a decent enough background on it. This way, you will not find lost within the conversation in the case if your Dallas printers or DFW printers began to get technical with its explanations to you. To continue, here are a few more words and their meanings regarding commercial printing.

1. Caliper – The meaning of this word varies along with the context it is available for, but this generally has something to do with the thickness of paper or any other printing medium. As a unit of measure, such is usually expressed in thousandths of an inch, mils, pages per inch, and several some other units. It may also use to refer to a device, which can monitor this printing process and uncovering double sheets of paperwork through their thickness. Whatever the case, whenever you hear this word, it is almost certain that they are discussing something, which has to do with paper thickness.

2. Etching – This printing technique functions acids and other strong chemicals to be able to imprint or etch photos and texts onto printing media which include metal and glass. There are actually a lot more uses for etching aside from commercial printing, such since photo etching on photosensitive printed circuit boards for electronics. In commercial printing, however, it is a technique which is not as often used as offset printing and which is related you might say to another printing approach called engraving.

3. Format – Regarding the materials you are going to have printed, this term is used to refer to practically every detail that the commercial printing customer will choose including, but not tied to size, fonts, layouts, colors, and others. However, this can also refer to the file format, which is used with the commercial printer, something which customers must take note of in order to avoid setbacks in the printing process.

4. Hickey : No, this does not refer to residual kiss marks for a commercially printed material, but in a way, it is similar. A hickey may be most accurately described for a smudge or spots of dirt brought on by dirty equipment. Other terms to consult this are bulls eye and fish eye.

5. Soy-based inks – This one is if you happen to wish to contribute to your going green effort in the world. This type of ink make use of more environmentally friendly materials such as vegetable oils as opposed to petroleum-based materials, which means that these inks are generally preferred by environmentally careful companies.

These are five more words to add to your vocabulary, that you may put to the test the very next time you talk to some sort of Dallas printer or a few DFW printers. That is five steps closer to being a printing expert and five words closer to becoming a well-informed customer.




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